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The Villas at Capron Ridge

The Villas At Capron Ridge, Phase 3 Association
The Villas At Capron Ridge are 36 homes (18 duplexes) located within the Gallaway Glen area of Capron Ridge. They are all on the same side of Tullagee Ave. The Villas At Capron Ridge Homeowners Association exists solely to provide periodic exterior repainting and periodic roof replacing. Any repairs in between these periodic repainting/roof replacing projects are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Sub Association Dues

  • 2022 The Villas at Capron Ridge HOA Dues
  • $240 Quarterly -Calendar Quarter is 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1

HOA Board Members

  • President-Wayne Theroux
  • Vice President-Lisa Perl
  • Treasurer-Lisa Perl
  • Secretary-Mary Hamel

Community News

Exterior Painting - the last 10 villas exteriors will be repainted starting approximately May 11 - May 13. Please be sure that all vegetation, etc. allows for enough clearance for the painters to access all exterior walls. A notice will be posted on the doors when painting is about to start.
The villas to be painted are:
1749 and 1759
1809 and 1819
1849 and 1859
1989 and 1999
2029 and 2039

2022 Budget

2022 Budget

Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes

Management Company and Website

Vesta Property Services
907 E. Strawbridge Avenue, Suite 103
Melbourne, Florida 32901
Office Phone 321-241-4946
Fax 321-610-1021
Resident Website:
For Estoppel Request
EMAIL: info-sc@vestapropertyservices.com
To contact The Villas At Capron Ridge HOA, please use the "contact us" page on the Capron Ridge home page and choose "Contact The Villas At Capron Ridge HOA".