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  • chevron_rightCan you let your dog run loose without a leash?
    No, that is not allowed by HOA covenants that each homeowner signs and Brevard County ordinances.
    Maybe your neighbor’s dog is simply an escape artist whose skill at sliding through your neighbor’s gate or jumping the fence knows no bounds. Maybe your neighbor is simply terrible about keeping track of their dog. Whatever the reason, a loose dog can be a big problem. Handle the situation the wrong way, and you can end up seriously hurt.
    Here are some tips that may help:
    Do your best to avoid encounters.If you know a dog has a habit of running loose, it may be safest and wisest to just change your route, if you have the option. There’s no sense courting disaster if you can simply take your daily walk down another street.
    Stay calm and block the dog’s access to your pet or child. If you react in a visibly frightened or excited manner the way that prey might, that can trigger the dog’s instincts to attack. If the dog is loose again and headed your way, use a firm, commanding tone and tell the dog “No” or “Stop” and put your dog or child behind you.
    Talk to your neighbor. Preventing the dog from running loose should be the ultimate goal — for the safety of everyone in the neighborhood and the animal itself. While dogs do sometimes get loose even when an owner is vigilant, a dog that’s often loose is a sign that the owner isn’t taking enough preventative measures.
    File a report with the police or animal control. If all else has failed and the dog is becoming a menace to the neighborhood, you may need to get the authorities involved. At the very least, you want to document the problems that you’re having.
    Despite your best efforts, you can still end up bitten by your neighbor’s dog — and dog bites have the potential to be very serious, even when they’re relatively mild. Infection and scars are a real possibility. Make sure that you understand how to claim fair compensation for your losses.   
  • chevron_rightDoes Capron Ridge have video surveillance?
    Yes, there are cameras at the clubhouse, which monitor the pool area, gym, interior of the clubhouse, front of the clubhouse, Kerry Park (from the clubhouse), and the front gate area. These are designed to provide security and safety for our neighbors. Signs are installed on the pool gates, clubhouse, Kerry Park, and the gatehouse. There are no cameras installed in private areas such as the interior of the bathrooms. These cameras and recordings are only used for issues related to safety and security, and are not actively monitored, only referenced afterwards if there is an issue where video evidence can provide additional information. No video is taken of residential areas, only public areas, and all cameras are publicly mounted. Areas are marked with signs that indicate surveillance is being performed for their protection in these areas. 
  • chevron_rightHow do I clean off oil stains from my driveway or pavers?
  • chevron_rightHow Do I Request An Item Be added To an HOA Board Meeting Agenda?
    Go to https://www.capronridgehoa.com and select the "Contact us" menu item and fill out the form at the bottom of the page. Type your request in the "How Can We Help You" box. If this is an initial question, please select your area HOA representative. You should have worked with your area HOA representative prior to sending this to the entire board to insure there has been time to discuss any issues. Submitting an item does not guarantee that it will be a topic in the next board meeting due to many factors.
  • chevron_rightHow does the Circle by the Avenues at Viera work?
    If you’re coming from The Avenues, and you’re in the right line, you can only go towards Viera Hospital, by either going straight or turning right. If you’re in the right lane, you CANNOT go towards Target or 95. You have to be in the left lane for that. 
  • chevron_rightIf I hire a food truck, can it stay in the neighborhood afterward and solicit additional business at the Clubhouse?
    No, Capron Ridge has a no-solicitation policy (there is a sign at the front of the neighborhood coming in that indicates the policy). Once a food truck has completed the privately hired event, it must leave the neighborhood. Only events sanctioned by the Social committee or HOA board (in conjunction with the Social committee) may use HOA property to solicit business. You may report this violation to the Brevard County Non-emergency telephone line at (321) 637-6670.
    Either HOA Board approval or Social Committee approval may be obtained by the vendor (through the homeowner) to allow them to solicit in the same location after the private event, which will also require a fee of $50, which will go to the Social Committee budget to provide additional services to the Community.
  • chevron_rightIs Capron Ridge allowed to mow/trim the strip of land around the retention ponds by the Conservation areas?
    No, unfortunately. St. Johns River Management District has told us that this is not allowed anymore since it impacts the retention pond by adding additional debris, and nitrogen into the pond during this process.
  • chevron_rightIs soliciting permitted in Capron Ridge?
    No, signs at the front of our neighborhood indicate that soliciting is not permitted, but the HOA may only legally restrict solicitation in HOA common areas which is considered trespassing. The courts have upheld that an HOA cannot stop solicitation at a private residence due to the legal commerce clause.
  • chevron_rightMay a business operate out of the community neighborhood facilities?
    The Capron Ridge Clubhouse, parks, and pool areas are an amenity for the owners of houses within Capron Ridge proper, and supporting organizations, such as meeting with our HOA manager. They are not designed to encourage commercial activities, especially ones that involve non-residents of Capron Ridge using our facilities. We do not support commercial activities to operate out of neighborhood homes per our Covenants or utilize our current amenities for their use.
  • chevron_rightMay I block the sidewalks with a motor vehicle in Capron Ridge?
    No, according to State law (see below). This includes motor vehicles that extend into the sidewalk area. This is also enforceable by the county since it is state law.
  • chevron_rightMay I contact our Capron Ridge HOA Attorney for questions?
    No, according to the Capron Ridge HOA attorney, that would be a conflict of interest since the attorney represents the Capron Ridge HOA and not an individual homeowner or group of homeowners. If there are legal questions, the homeowner will need to seek outside legal counsel to avoid a conflict of interest. The board votes on whether to engage the Capron Ridge HOA attorney for any legal neighborhood issues, and that is coordinated through the Board President to insure efficiency due to the expense.
  • chevron_rightMay I cut Pepper trees and Noxious weeds behind my house?
    Yes, with proper approvals.
    Pepper Trees and noxious weeds (vines, etc.) are a major issue for Capron Ridge and homeowners. There are three types of common areas in Capron Ridge: HOA owned, HOA owned but governed by St. Johns River Management (conservation areas), and EEL (Environmentally Endangered Lands) called the Scrubjay preserve. All are managed with different processes. We have started a program to remove noxious weeds in the common areas, which will be a multi-year program. For homeowners, options include;
    Trimming the weeds where they enter or hang over your property, there are no restrictions on this.
    Paying for or removing yourself, weeds behind your property, you need HOA and possibly St. Johns River Mgt. approvals (if it is a conservation area).
    Waiting for HOA funding to become available for removal, this will take several years before funding is potentially available.
    Please see the Landscaping section within the Information Center for the lastest processes.
  • chevron_rightMay I display a flag on my property?
    Yes, but only from a limited set of flags. Any flags that do not meet this criteria will require removal.
    Section 720.304 of the Florida Homeowners’ Association Act states that regardless of any restriction in the governing documents, an owner may display up to two of the listed flags which include the United States flag, the official flag of the State of Florida, a flag that represents the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Space Force or Coast Guard, the POW-MIA flag and a newly-added “First Responder Flag.”

    The First Responder Flag is not an official flag but is defined as a flag that may incorporate the design of any other flag permitted under this paragraph to form a “combined flag.” For the purposes of the statute, the term “First Responder Flag” means a flag that recognizes and honors the service of the following: law enforcement officers, firefighters, paramedics or emergency medical technicians, correctional officers, 911 public safety telecommunicators, advanced practice registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, or registered nurses, persons participating in state-wide urban search and rescue, federal law enforcement officers.
  • chevron_rightMay I drain my pool directly into the retention ponds?
    Draining pool water directly into the retention ponds is a fining offense from Brevard County and the Capron Ridge HOA. We receive a significant discount on land property taxes for following this rule, and we would not want to raise assessments due to violations. The county prohibits draining pool water directly into the retention ponds. The chemicals and water make up is dangerous to the fish and the health of the pond.
    Information from the County Health services on this subject:
    Environmental Health Services with the Dept. of Health has specific information about pools and can be reached at 321-633-2100.  As a stormwater specialist, I can tell you that discharging directly into any stormwater pond, swale (ditch), or pipe (grate, curb inlet, etc.) is not allowed.  The chemicals must dissipate before water enters into the stormwater system.  Most residents allow this to happen either by placing a hose of the discharging pool water across the grass at least 20’ from the pond’s edge or into a 5 gallon bucket, each with water slowly flowing.  The County ordinance states all waters entering the stormwater system must be of equal or better water quality than the receiving water body, and chlorine only takes a few minutes in the atmosphere to dissipate.  Soil bonds with many other chemicals in pools, so the end result is clean water flowing across the grass or through the soil into the pond.  An important note is to also ensure no erosion is occurring during this process (that’s why the velocity needs to be slow).
  • chevron_rightMay I have an inoperable or commercial vehicle parked overnight on the street in Capron Ridge?
    No, the CRHOA Master Declaration Summary Amended and Restated Final 2019 - Searchable Article II Section 11 Page 12 states:
    The parking of any vehicle, commercial or non-commercial, that has non-manufacturer
    applied signs or writing/advertising of any kind, which description shall include, but not be limited to, cars,
    trucks, sport utility vehicles, tractor-trailers, semi-trailers, and commercial trailers, at any time on
    driveways, otherwise on said premises, on common areas, or on the private streets of any community is
    prohibited except for loading and unloading purposes or when parked entirely within a closed garage
    permitted to be built under the provisions of these restrictions. Boats, motor homes, watercraft, campers,
    travel trailers and similar recreational vehicles may only be placed and kept or stored in an enclosed garage
    containing a residence. Inoperable vehicles or vehicles under repair may only be placed and kept on a Lot
    in a closed garage.
  • chevron_rightMay I park a car in or on the grass in Capron Ridge?
    No, the CRHOA Master Declaration Summary Amended and Restated Final 2019 - Searchable Article II Section 2 Page 10 states:
    "Parking on the grass or sidewalks is prohibited at residences or common areas."
  • chevron_rightMay I post signs on trees in Capron Ridge?
    In the Covenents, there is a restriction to attaching signs to any tree in Capron Ridge
    Section 12. Signs. Except for signs permitted by the Declarant and except for signs utilized by the Developer and Builders to advertise the sale of lots or dwelling units for sale and except as otherwise permitted by the Homeowners Association’s Board of Directors, no sign of any character, including political campaign signs, shall be displayed or placed upon any Lot or living unit except “for rent” or “for sale” signs, which signs may refer only to the particular premises on which displayed. Said signs shall not exceed the normal and customary standard size for the local Real Estate Industry, shall not extend more than four (4) feet above the ground, and shall be limited to one (1) sign per Lot or living unit, and displayed only upon the Lot sought to be rented or sold. No signs may be attached in any manner to a tree. Notice of alarm sign in yard is permitted per Florida Statue.
  • chevron_rightMay I rent my house in Capron Ridge?
    Yes, but only with a one-year or longer rental agreement. The rental agreement is required to be provided to the Clubhouse manager to register the tenant. Failure to register can be a finable activity for the homeowner. The homeowner still assumes all responsibility for the property including all compliance items, and the renter may be legally evicted from the property for non-compliance with the HOA and neighborhood rules.
    An important point, no Airbnb or short-term rentals (under one year) are allowed by our covenants. Running a home business, which is not allowed, will create a compliance and finable activity for the homeowner.
  • chevron_rightMay I use a drone in Capron Ridge for non-commercial purposes?
    Yes, but, flying a non-commercial drone poses privacy risks to your neighbors. Please be sensitive and do not invade others privacy.
    First, drone use is both FAA (https://www.faa.gov.uas) and state-regulated (https://drone-laws.com/drone-laws-in-florida/). The issues are more around the non-commercial use of drones that impact privacy within neighborhoods. If you feel that your privacy is being compromised by neighbors flying a drone and impacting your privacy, please call the Brevard County Sheriffs' office non-emergency number (321-264-5100) to report this privacy breach.
  • chevron_rightMay I use a non motorized water craft in the ponds (kayak / canoe)?
    Yes, once you have a valid request that has been approved. Please go to the Applications and Forms section on the members menu for the Lake Waiver form. Please submit it to the clubhouse or to info@capronridgehoa.com
  • chevron_rightVandalism in our neighborhood
    We have had a variety of vandalism in the neighborhood, some in the bathrooms, damage to vending machines, abuse of playground and pool equipment, and the latest on the new docks within 4 weeks of rebuilding. If you see any vandalism, please report it to the clubhouse. In the end, we all pay for this behavior of a few.
  • chevron_rightWhat are my HOA Dues & when do they need to be paid?
    What are my 2022 HOA Dues & when do they need to be paid?   
    2023 Capron Ridge Master HOA Dues 
    $1626.68 Per Year
    $406.67 Quarterly
    1/1 , 4/1, 7/1, 10/1
    Booklets were mailed to homeowners 11/1/2022
    2022 Capron Ridge Master HOA Dues 
    $1479.65 Per Year
    $369.91 Quarterly
    2/1 , 4/1, 7/1, 10/1
    2022 Tralee Bay HOA Dues
    $354.25 quarter is 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1
    $226 Annually
    2022 The Villas at Capron Ridge HOA Dues
    $240 Quarterly -Calendar Quarter is 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1
    2022 Ashford Harbour HOA Dues-updated 1/7/22
    Quarterly for Townhomes $470
    Quarterly for Cottages $375
    Calendar Quarter is 1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1
    2022 Cashel Village HOA Dues
    $592.79 Quarterly
    1/1, 4/1, 7/1, 10/1
  • chevron_rightWhat are the fireworks rules for Capron Ridge?
    Fireworks are considered a banned activity on HOA property. This includes the three days that fireworks are permitted by State law.
    No fireworks may be used on HOA property in Capron Ridge, violations of this rule will subject the homeowner to possible fines.
    Section 14.   Nuisances. 
    No noxious or offensive trade or activity shall be permitted on any Lot or common area, 
    including community parks, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an annoyance 
    or nuisance to the Planned Unit Development and/or Community."
    Safety guidelines from the State of Florida:
  • chevron_rightWhat are the hours for the rear clubhouse / gym access?
    The clubhouse door for the bathrooms and the gym automatically locks at 11:00 PM and opens up at 5:00 AM. To access the gym after 9:00 PM and before 11:00 PM, please see the clubhouse manager for the access code. 
  • chevron_rightWhat types of grasses are allowed in Capron Ridge?
    In the CCR (Covenants and Restrictions) document, page 9 of 28, it states:
    (c) Florida Friendly Landscaping means quality landscapes that conserve water, protect the environment, are adaptable to local conditions, and are drought tolerant. Additional components of Florida Friendly Landscaping include landscape planning and design and soil analysis to plant the right plant in the right place. The only acceptable drought-tolerant turf grasses that may be considered to be used in place of St. Augustine turf grass are bahia, bermuda, and zoysa. All applications submitted to the Association for consideration must be accompanied by a detailed landscape plan set forth on a survey of an Owner’s Lot showing the proposed location of the proposed Florida Friendly Landscape plantings and must identify the proposed plantings and the number of each proposed to be installed. The Architectural Review Committee shall have the discretion to require that certain Florida Friendly Landscape plantings be utilized as opposed to others when, in the sole and absolute discretion of the Architectural Review Committee, said alternative plantings are more aesthetically pleasing and susceptible to routine maintenance.
    The CCR document is signed by all homeowners to abide by in Capron Ridge during their house purchase. The document is available on the website under the HOA Information center with a serchable and non-serchable version.
  • chevron_rightWhen is there a board quorum?
    Anytime there is a quorum (majority of the board members present) of the board and association matters are discussed, that is a board meeting per the statutory definition, even if there is no motion made during that discussion. 
    Under both the HOA and the Condo acts, meetings of the board at which a quorum of the board members is present must be properly noticed and open to all unit owners. Generally, notice must be posted on association property at least 48 hours before the meeting. Owners have the right to attend the board meetings and, subject to reasonable restrictions, unit owners also have the right to speak at board meetings with respect to designated agenda items.  It is irrespective of whether or not motions are made, or action is voted upon, it is the discussion of association matters that constitutes ‘conducting business.’
    The Florida Condominium Act contains two exceptions to the open meeting requirement. The open meeting requirement does not apply to meetings between the board and the association’s attorney, with respect to proposed or pending litigation. Additionally, the open meeting requirement does not apply to board meetings held for the purpose of discussing personnel matters. While such meetings can be closed to the attendance of homeowners, such meetings must still be properly noticed.
  • chevron_rightWhere can I find info regarding approved colors for painting the exterior of my house?
    There is a book of approved colors available to residents at the Capron Ridge
    The Clubhouse is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday  10am to 5pm
    Just Ask Debi the Clubhouse Coordinator for the book to look through.
    Debi can also provide you with an ARC Request to submit your request.
    The book needs to stay at the clubhouse for all to use for their color selections
    Please keep in mind that the colors you choose may be approved colors but
    The ARC Committee reserves the right to deny any combinations submitted by
    The homeowner if they are not deemed appropriate for the community.
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to email the architecture committee
  • chevron_rightWhere do I find Capron Ridge Financial Information?
    The annual budget is on the Capron Ridge website, but any other information needs to be obtained from the Sentry websit.
  • chevron_rightWhere should yard debris be placed for pickup?
    All yard debris should be put near the street on the homeowners property. Otherwise, it cannot be picked up by Waste Management. And, no debris should be placed on the storm drains. If Waste Management uses their claw, they can damage the storm sewer top. Then, we all pay anywhere from $10,000 to $25,000 to repair the top of the drain. There are estimates I received from cement vendors about repairs they have made due to this issue. So, please do not put anything on the storm drains, and only on your property, or immediately adjacent in the street.
    If the volume is small, Waste Management can put it in their truck manually. If the debris is large, please call the Waste Management company from the Brevard County website. They will send out the larger truck with the claw to remove this yard waste
  • chevron_rightWho owns the roads in Capron Ridge?
    The roads in Capron Ridge are private roads and maintained by the Master HOA association, which is charged with obtaining the Reserve funds required to maintain them. 
    Below is a review of this by our HOA attorney which indicates that the Master HOA association is the owner of all roads, not sub-assocations
    To the Board of Directors for Capron Ridge Homeowner’s Association, Inc.,
    The Board of Directors requested a legal review and analysis of the master association and sub-association documents in addition to the operative agreements and the Brevard County, Florida plat books that relate to the right of ways and private streets located within the St. Patrick Planned Unit Development [“PUD”] dated May 27, 2003, now known as the Capron Ridge PUD.
    After a full review, it is clearly expressed on the recorded plat books [Plat Books 52/24, 52/98 and 55/85], as well as in the master’s CCRs Article III Section 7, that the right of ways and private streets listed therein, described as Tract A, are owned by the Capron Ridge HOA [the master].  Specifically named in the dedication notes are the private roads contained within Tract A, as specified below.
    Plat Book 52/24 [Capron Ridge Phase One]
    Dedication – Tract A is “dedicated to, controlled by and maintained by the Capron Ridge Homeowners Association as a private road” and in terms of use of the public easement for access to emergency vehicles and the installation of utilities.
    Note 4 – Tract A which lists:  Tipperary Drive, Banaghen Way, and Simerick Lane, Tralee Bay Ave as private roads.
    Viera Blvd noted as a public ROW
    Plat Book 52/98 [Capron Ridge Phase 4/Tract 2] – reiteration of Note 4 regarding Tract A, adding Croghan Drive, and Dromin Lane.
    There is no recorded instrument that conveys title away from the Capron Ridge HOA [the master] to any other entity, nor do the respective covenants vest title away from the Capron Ridge HOA [the master].  Accordingly, at all times since the inception of the infrastructure, the private right of ways and streets named above are and continue to be owned by Capron Ridge HOA [the master].
    Accordingly, the Capron Ridge Master should continue to assess and reserve sufficient funds for the ongoing maintenance and insurance for the Tract A private streets as well as reserve for the replacement of these private streets.
    Karen Wonsetler, Esq.
    Wonsetler & Webner, P.A.
    717 North Magnolia Avenue
    Orlando, FL 32803
    T. 407.770.0846
    Fax. 407.770.0843
  • chevron_rightWhat does it cost to Rent the Clubhouse?
    You can check the community calendar to see what dates are available, and there is a link there to see the rental agreement which identifies the rental costs.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Community Pool Hours?
    Pool Hours are from Dawn to Dusk. Please note that there is no lifeguard on duty and applicable signs for rules are posted in the area.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Hours for Kerry Park?
    Kerry Park Tot Lot hours are from Dawn to Dusk.
    There are no hours of restriction for the rest of Kerry Park as long as you are NOT disturbing the peace or breaking the law.
  • chevron_rightWhat do I do If I see A Street Light Out?
    Please report the Street light out by calling the Clubhouse at 321-757-5844 or email info@capronridgehoa.com
    Have the following information available before contacting: Pole number if applicable, Issue and address light is in front of. If it is not in front of address please provide the intersection of the light pole. This process normally takes up up to 10 Business days to repair.  If after 10 days light has not been repaired, call us and we will follow up.
    PLEASE DO NOT CALL FPL. When multiple repair tickets are issued, it creates a delay in the repair.
  • chevron_rightHow do I place a Classified ad on the Website ?
    Please type your ad in an email or a word document and send to info@capronridgehoa.com. Please limit the size of the ad to 140 characters or less. Don't forget to add your contact information.
    Thank You!
  • chevron_rightWhat are the usage policies for Golf Carts?
    The Vehicles shall be operated only during the hours between sunrise and sunset unless equipped to operate after dark with headlights, brake lights, windshield, and turn signals. The Vehicle’s headlights must be turned on during hours of darkness.
    Persons under 14 years old may not operate the Vehicles. Those 14 and older who do not have a valid driver’s license may operate the Vehicles only when accompanied by a licensed driver sitting in the right front seat.
    All stop signs and traffic rules must be obeyed. Golf carts shall be operated only on roads, whenever possible, and not on sidewalks reserved for pedestrians.  If it is necessary to drive on the sidewalk, whenever roads are not available, the pedestrians always have the right of way.
    Please see the new residents page for more golf cart information within our community.
  • chevron_rightWhat is Waste Managements Holiday Schedule?
    Holiday Schedule
    Waste Management will not furnish collection service on the following holidays:
    Memorial Day
    Fourth of July
    Veterans Day
    Thanksgiving Day
    Christmas Day
    There will be no make-up days.
  • chevron_rightI have Lost or Found something in the community, what do I do?
    If you have found or lost something, please see the lost & found section on the website to submit your item.  Approvals will be made during regular Clubhouse business hours.
    Monday Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 5 pm.
  • chevron_rightWhat are the Parking Rules?
    Parking on Community Streets - 

    Double parking (parking side by side) or blocking other residents' driveways is not allowed on Capron Ridge streets.  Accessibility of emergency vehicles can be hindered by cars parked too close together.

    Please be courteous to your neighbors when having an event at your home.  Parking is permitted along your street as long you're not obstructing driveways, fire hydrants, mailboxes, or access to the street by emergency vehicles.   If you are having an event you can also contact the Clubhouse for a temporary parking permit for your guest to park at the Clubhouse.

    *Please note that parking on the streets in Ashford Harbour is prohibited at any time.
  • chevron_rightWhat days can I water my Lawn?
    Know your watering days
    During daylight saving time, watering is allowed two days per week on designated days.
    See Your Watering Schedule Here
  • chevron_rightMay I feed the Wildlife?
    Please DO NOT FEED the wildlife
    In 2002, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made it illegal to feed sandhill cranes (Florida Fish and Wildlife Code 68A-4.00(3)).
    For more information on Florida Wildlife please visit the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Webiste.