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Mailbox info and parts

Here in Capron Ridge, we have standardized individual mailboxes and colors for house plaques. A standard type of mailbox is to show a level of uniformity and pride in our houses. Keeping these in good order and appearance is important to the feel you and guests receive when in our neighborhood. These are two types of mailboxes, with replacement parts available from the vendor, or other vendors with the same components for sale. The mailboxes may have parts from different collections, so, insure you talk to the company before ordering replacement parts.
Manor Collection
Estate Collection
This is the most common mailbox bracket, which is damaged by vehicles
Mailboxes are to be painted completely black, gloss is preferred. The best paint we have found is Rustoleum Ultra Cover Painters Touch Gloss Black. It seems to stand up well to the Florida Sun. Numbers should be gold on a black background, we realize there is a variation in the lettering from different vendors.
Replacement flags may be purchased at stores like Home Depot and Lowes, or online at a higher cost.
The mailboxes in Capron Ridge are aluminum (versus steel) for rust avoidance, but, there is oxidation that occurs underneath the paint. You can notice bubbling of the paint (oxidation underneath), or paint flaking off which then shows a white powder underneath, which is the oxidation. You can either use a heat gun to remove the paint, or some sort of abrasive pad (sandpaper is difficult to use, and can remove aluminum if you are not careful). The combination of a heat gun and an abrasive pad used carefully is the best approach to remove the paint/oxidation. This will significantly extend the life of the mailbox, and avoid future expenses.
Plaques should be painted either flat or gloss black with gold for the edges and numbers. A good gold paint that lasts is available from the link below;