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Removing Dead trees in Conservation / Preserve area

Dead Trees:
We are very fortunate to have the amount of conservation and preservation areas in our community. Occasionally, some of these trees die, and if they threaten homeowners' property need to be removed. The HOA currently provides that removal service for trees that threaten homeowners property, but only when the trees constitute a safety or property threat. Dead trees that are non-threatening are left in the preserve space, which is the guidance from St. Johns River Management. The homeowner may request that they receive permission to cut down/remove a dead tree from the preserve space if approved by the board with the form that is available on the web site.  If you have a dead tree that is in a public area that threatens your property, please notify the HOA through the "Contact Us" section of the website. These emails are logged and are acted upon, so notify the HOA if you have this issue.
Vines / Noxious weeds:
The HOA has received complaints from homeowners when their neighbors are in the conservation and preservation areas. This should not happen unless this is properly registered with the HOA and potentially St. Johns River Management Authority in the case of the conservation areas they govern within our community. If a homeowner modifies HOA or Conservation areas, they will be responsible financially for the remediation of that area without proper approval. You may see the Pepper trees / Noxious weeds section to find the forms to submit requests for approval for removing these items.