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Social Committee

Capron Ridge Social Committee
Volunteers Wanted!
Chair - Andrea MacDonald
Co-Chair - Alesha Stallings
Co-Chair- John Erickson
Secretary - Open Position
Treasurer - Open Position
For Social Committee Meeting Dates or events please see calendar
The Social Committee’s purpose is to facilitate interaction between Capron Ridge (CR) homeowners through a variety of planned social events designed to appeal to a wide cross-section of the CR residents.  The intended result is improved neighborhood camaraderie, fellowship and sense of community. Committee members are volunteers from the community.  No set number of members are required but are encouraged so to bring diverse ideas into the social events.
The Social Committee will have a chairperson reporting to the board of directors. Committee responsibilities include but are not limited to;
  • Develops a list of proposed social events for the upcoming calendar year and submit for inclusion in the annual budget.
  • Seek BoD approval for all proposed social events.
  • Schedule and presides over monthly meetings (or more or less frequently, as needed) to plan upcoming events.
  • Oversee event coordinator activities, including troubleshooting and ensuring adherence to allotted budget.
  • Communicate with all committee members via e-mail or telephone to request help, report minutes of meetings and remind of upcoming events and/or “Thank You” notes.
  • Ensures overall adherence to annual budget, and provides written accounting to the BoD.
  • Ensures that all receipts, associated with events that have taken place, are properly submitted to BoD or property management company for reimbursement, if necessary.
  • Maintain a social committee notebook, containing a detailed description of past events, including:
  1. a. Invitation flyers.
  2. b. Materials needed and consumed, including pricing of individual materials, locations purchased, and whether any materials remain for future use menu served, if applicable.
  3. c. Budgeted vs. actual expenditures.
  4. d. Volunteer manpower needed/received.
  5. e. A summary of the event, including community feedback, for purposes of planning future events;
  • Monthly (or more or less frequently, as needed) interaction with the BoD to ensure timely reporting of events, successes, difficulties and issues.
  • Maintains the inventory of all leftover supplies from each event. The chairperson does not necessarily have to maintain the items in his/her home. Event coordinators and volunteers may also maintain these items. However, the chairperson is responsible for maintaining a location and quantity log for any such materials.
  • Identifies areas of "need" for new social events (i.e., ensures that events are planned to include singles, families, children, seniors, ethnic backgrounds, etc.)
  • Assure all residents are notified about upcoming social events
  • Develop and administer a new resident welcome process