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New Gate System- We are currently still working on setting up the new gate system and discovered we will need to add a new receiver to accommodate the newer remotes.  The gate will need to remain open through the weekend.   We hope to have the new system up and running early next week.  We appreciate your patience during this update.
PLEASE NOTE that when the gate is malfunctioning do not to use the EXIT GATE as an entrance.  You can use the directory to call your phones to open the gate, use your gate code or contact security.  It is dangerous to use the exit gate even if there doesn't seem to be oncoming traffic because the gate may close without warning.
Front Gate Code Instructions
We are currently in the process of replacing the gate directory with a brand new system.  The new software will only allow a 4 digit code entrance code; therefore, your current 6 digit gate code will now be just the first 4 digits. The last two numbers at the end of your 6 digit code will be removed.  The 3 digit directory code will remain the same and all remotes should work with the new system.  To use your entrance gate code to open gate, you will press # key and then press your 4 digit code.  We will post new instructions on the gate and have instructions on the HOA website. 
The gate will have to remain open for a few days until all resident data has been programmed into the new system.  Please report any problems you have immediately to the Clubhouse at or 321.757.5844
Tralee Bay residents- You will use your 4 digit gate code to open the main gate at the Capron entrance but you will still use the 6 digit  gate code for the Tralee Bay gate.
Please visit to read the recently updated pool rules regarding clubhouse rentals and capacity limits .
Front Gate Update
As most residents know, the Capron Ridge exit gate was damaged by an unknown motorist on July 25th.  We have no reports of anyone seeing the vandalism take place although we had several reports from residents hearing it around 12:30 a.m.  Unfortunately, the security camera on the exit gate was not able to focus on a tag number or determine a type of vehicle.
We have received and approved the estimate for the repair but it will take some time to complete due to the extensive damage and availability of parts.  Damage included bending of the gate, broken gate arm mechanism, and broken hinges.
If anyone has additional information, please contact the HOA by email or phone 321-757-5844.  Anyone wishing to provide anonymous information may leave information at the clubhouse drop box at the side door.
Thank you.
Community improvements-The pool gates have been replaced with a simpler mechanism for opening the gates eliminating the need to reach over the gate to open it without using a code.  This new mechanism has been approved by the Brevard County pool inspector and should help the gates to remain functioning properly.  The tennis court and basketball court will receive refurbishing this summer.  The newest phase of Capron Ridge, Cashel Village, will begin late summer and there will be additional improvements to Kerry Park included in this phase, along with a new landscaped area bordering Tralee Bay Ave.
Illegal Dumping!  Brevard County has recently inspected our Capron Ridge sanctuary and has reported trash and plant waste has been disposed primarily behind residences in Capron Ridge.  Please be advised it is illegal to dump garbage, refuse, vegetative debris, pollutants and contaminants and other debris into natural conservation areas and waterways. See attached information.  We would like to protect our endangered species and keep these natural conservation areas in their proper condition.
Conservation Clean-out  We have been notified by Brevard County that they are behind on their regular maintenance of their conservation areas. They will be trimming trees, cleaning out flammable materials, and mowing a fire break along the areas adjacent to homes.  This is necessary to preserve the condition of the conservation areas and to provide fire safety to the homes that border these areas.
School Bus Stop - We receive many complaints that some residents are not taking caution when dropping and picking up children from the bus stop at the clubhouse.  For everyone's safety, there is NO STOPPING or PARKING allowed on Ballinton Drive or Tralee Bay Ave.  Parents must pull into the clubhouse parking area or park near the tennis courts on Donegal Drive to drop off or pick up children.  Please STOP at all crosswalks so that children and other pedestrians can safely cross the road.




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