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  • What are my HOA Dues & when do they need to be paid?
    2019 Capron Ridge HOA Dues 
    $760.00 Annually  For Payment options refer to your coupon book from Sunrise Bank.

    2019 Tralee Bay HOA Dues

    $207 Annually-Due January 1st of each year and to be paid in full by Jan 31st.  2018 Lawn Quarterly $300 

    quarter is 1/1,4/1,7/1,10/1


    2019 The Villas at Capron Ridge HOA Dues

    $240 Quarterly -Calendar Quarter is 1/1,4/1,7/1,10/1

    2019 Ashford Harbour HOA Dues
    $400.00 Quarterly for Townhomes
    $311.00 Quarterly for Cottages
    Calendar Quarter is 1/1,4/1,7/1,10/1
    2019 Cashel Village HOA Dues
    $350 Quarterly
  • What does it cost to Rent the Clubhouse?
    Please see Rental Aggreement for cost. You can check the community calendar to see what dates are available.
  • What are the Community Pool Hours
    Pool Hours are from Dawn to Dusk.
  • What are the Hours for Kerry Park?
    Kerry Park Tot Lot hours are from Dawn to Dusk.
    There are no hours of restriction for the rest of Kerry Park as long as you are NOT disturbing the peace.
  • What do I do If I see A Street Light Out?
    Please report the Street light out by calling the Clubhouse at 321-757-5844 or email
    Have the following information available before contacting: Pole number if applicable, Issue and address light is in front of. If it is not in front of address please provide the intersection of the light pole. This process normally takes up up to 10 Business days to repair.  If after 10 days light has not been repaired, call us and we will follow up.
    PLEASE DO NOT CALL FPL. When multiple repair tickets are issued, it creates a delay in the repair.
  • How do I place a Classified ad on the Website ?
    Please type your ad in an email or a word document and send to
    Please limit the size of the ad to 140 characters or less. Dont forget to add your contact information.
    Thank You!
  • Usage of Golf Carts
    The Vehicles shall be operated only during the hours between sunrise and sunset unless equipped to operate after dark with headlights, brake lights, windshield, and turn signals. The Vehicle’s headlights must be turned on during hours of darkness.
    Persons under 14 years old may not operate the Vehicles. Those 14 and older who do not have a valid driver’s license may operate the Vehicles only when accompanied by a licensed driver sitting in the right front seat.
    All stop signs and traffic rules must be obeyed. Golf carts shall be operated only on roads, whenever possible, and not on sidewalks reserved for pedestrians.  If it is necessary to drive on the sidewalk, whenever roads are not available, the pedestrians always have the right of way.
  • What is Waste Managements Holiday Schedule?
    Holiday Schedule
    Waste Management will not furnish collection service on the following holidays:
    Memorial Day
    Fourth of July
    Verterans Day
    Thanksgiving Day
    Christmas Day
    There will be no make-up days.
  • I have Lost or Found something in the community, what do I do?
    If you have found or lost something, please see the lost & found section on the website to submit your item.  Approvals will be made during regular Clubhouse business hours.
    Monday Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 5 pm.
  • What are the Parking Rules?
    Parking on Community Streets

    Double parking (parking side by side) or blocking other resident's driveways is not allowed on Capron Ridge streets.  Accessibility of emergency vehicles can be hindered by cars parked too close together.
    Please be courteous to your neighbors when having an event at your home.  Parking is permitted along your street as long you're not obstructing driveways, fire hydrants, mailboxes or access to the street by emergency vehicles.   If you are having an event you can also contact the Clubhouse for a temporary parking permit for your guest to park at the Clubhouse.
    *Please note that parking on the streets in Ashford Harbour is prohibited at any time.
  • What days can I water my Lawn?
    Know your watering days
    During daylight saving time, watering is allowed two days per week on designated days.
    See Your Watering Schedule Here
  • Can I feed the Wildlife?
    Please DO NOT FEED the wildlife
    In 2002, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission made it illegal to feed sandhill cranes (Florida Fish and Wildlife Code 68A-4.00(3)).
    For more information on Florida Wildlife please visit the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Webiste.




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