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Clubhouse Hours
 Monday  Wednesday  Friday
10 am to 5 pm
~ This Week in Capron Ridge ~
Clubhouse will resume rentals in June with 1 rental per weekend since we are not able to properly sanitize after each event.  Regular cleanings will still remain on Fridays & Mondays.
Tennis Court Playing Time
Please be courteous by limiting court time to 1 Hour if others are waiting.
UPDATE 5/6/2020
Dear Capron Ridge Residents:
The community pool was open Monday, May 11th with the following guidelines:
NOTICE:  The pool area, bathrooms and gym are NOT sanitized or wiped down after every use by the HOA.  They will be cleaned 3x per week or more based on availability of vendors. RESIDENTS MAY USE AT THEIR OWN RISK.
NEW UPDATE:To allow for high risk residents to use the pool more safely, the pool and gym will be open from 8am – 10am for high risk residents and residents 65 years or older by appointment.
Other residents that want to use the facilities, may do so after 10 am – dusk.  We ask that the gym only have 3 residents at a time, to allow for safe distancing.  Please limit your use of the facilities to allow others to safely use.
The CDC recommends that all persons 65 and older, or those with underlying chronic health conditions to stay at home as much as possible.  We ask that no residents use the common facilities if you have any symptoms of carrying Covid-19, including coughing, sneezing, sore throat, fever, or difficulty breathing.  In addition, please do not use the community facilities if you have these symptoms or have come in contact with someone with these symptoms or have come in contact with someone that has tested positive for Covid-19 in the last 14 days.
All State and CDC guidelines will need to be followed for social distancing.  Only Capron residents will be allowed, no outside guests.  
Thank you for your patience
Capron Ridge HOA

Please don't forget to submit Architectural Review Application before starting exterior work  and please wait for approval by the ARC members. Thank you.

ARC Roof Replacement-Fill Out Other. Submit in person with shingle sample from roofer.

ARC Landscaping plan-Details on survey

ARC Fence Plan-Attach survey with details from fence company, height, color etc.

ARC Pool Plan-Attach survey with pool company sketch details, including Screen enclosure.

ARC Screen room or Addition-Attach survey with details

ARC Painting exterior-Must submit swatches along with paperwork. 3 colors allowed. 

ARC Back Yard Sheds or Back yard playground


Rules of Capron Ridge and the Pool Rules 

New Residents and current PLEASE READ-Thank you!
In order to receive Capron Ridge Community Emails about social activities and Alerts please make sure you are signed up on the Capron Ridge Website. Please make sure your contact information is kept current.        
You can do that by logging in Here or registering Here.  
You must be a registered Homeowner or registered Tenant. If you have not registered please stop by the clubhouse during business hours.
Mon-Wed-Fri 10-5. New Owners please bring closing statement and new tenants please bring a copy of your lease. Thank you!

~ Community Updates ~
Capron Ridge HOA - Turnover/Transition 
It’s time to VOTE for your Board of Directors!!!
Please vote at home by completing your ballots – do not vote for more than one (1) candidate from each sub-association/community.  Please be sure that you mail your ballots in time so that they arrive to the management office prior to September 21st.
Here is a copy of the Candidate Information Statements and Intents.  See the official US Mail for the instructions and for the Official Ballot and return envelopes to be used.
This is how they were received by management – we cannot make them any darker or easier to read.
The Certificate of Designated Voter will remain here on the site for use prior to September 30th.  This certificate of designated voter is required by the Association for the purpose of establishing WHO is authorized to vote for a property owned by more than one person, or a corporation.  This form is NOT required if the property is owned by only one person or if the property is jointly owned by husband and wife. 
If you have any questions please Contact Heather Wells with Anytime Property Management at
Office:321.735.8331 or email

WANTED Community Volunteers for Capron Ridge HOA
If you are interested in volunteering your time, energy and talents for future sub-committees within Capron Ridge, please fill out form below and submit to via email or drop in the mail dropbox outside of the clubhouse door. 
These committee forms will be passed along to the newly elected board members, at that time, so that they can review and appoint committee members as they see fit and to assist the board of directors for Capron Ridge HOA.  




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